All my patterns are available here for immediate download.    Pattern sheets will print to A4 paper -  all pieces designed to fit onto standard printing paper,  no cellatape required : )

If you need help downloading, take a peek at the link below, or get in touch


For more details on downloading follow this link  


Bear and rabbits patterns for download

Bears and rabbits to sew



Bear and Rabbit patterns to download and sew 

Mice and Elephants for download


Elephants and Mice



All creatures with large ears  !   

The Wild Ones (digital)

Lions, monkeys, giraffe



Wild lions, moneys, giraffes  ...

Fantasy Fun digital patterns


Fantasy and fun patterns



Dragons and unicorns - patterns for fun and play x

Dogs and Cat pattern downloads


Cats and Dogs



Playful dogs and cats

Seasonal and handy (digital)


Seasonal patterns and gifts

Seasonal gifts to stitch and sew

Almost wild animals (digital)


Horses, hedgehogs, foxes

Foxes, ,hedgehogs, horses, 

Doll patterns to download


Cloth and felts doll patterns



Cloth and Felt doll patterns

Birds n fish digital patterns

Birds n fish digital patterns

Birds and fish



Feathered friends and fish to download

Suitable for beginners


Digital patterns for beginners



Digital patterns to start out with