Privacy policy




Cookies are used by web sites to store details of your visit for web statistics (ie how many visitors in a day)   They are not spyware and your personal information is not collected.    You can block cookies using the tool menu in your browser, or set your browser to notify you when a cookies is being placed.   This will vary depending upon which browser you use.   Cookies can actually be useful to you as they can remember your preferences on a site, so do consider blocking them on some sites, but keeping them on others.


Information we collect (with your permission, of course)

if you sign up to receive our newsletters, we will retain your email address (your name is optional).  We do not collect   your address or any other personal information.  We do not sell, trade of pass on your email address to any other third party.  

 If you wish to unsubscribe, your email address will be removed from our records and deleted.



Personal and banking details

Paypal  are our payment providers and they will access your billing and payment information. You will be taken to their own secure site to make payment and we ourselves do not collect any banking details here at all.   Please refer to their own website for their own privacy policies.        


Linking to Facebook 

Facebook uses cookies to create your own individual space and include advertisements relevant to your web browsing.  Please see their statement here