Dinosaur soft toy sewing pattern bundle (pack of 2 patterns)


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This special little pack includes both Dippy and Triceratops' sewing patterns.   

Both patterns have step by step instructions with lots of reference photos and illustrations to help create your own pair of dinos.    

Dippy is a diplodocus and stands 10 inches (25cm approx) when completed and my Triceratops stands 6 inches (15cm).   

Both patterns are child friendly, being completely thread jointed and both with embroidered features.   A Fat quarter of fabric for each means they are perfect to use up any collected in your stash too : )


This includes the following individual products

Dippy dinosaur sewing pattern
1 piece(s)
£5.25 / 1 piece(s)
Dinosaur soft toy sewing pattern. Triceratops
1 piece(s)
£6.99 / 1 piece(s)

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