Mohair - hand dyed

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Fat 1/16 metre (25 x 35 cm) mohair, hand dyed to order  : )  

Mohair has always been the top of the range fabric for making special bears and other huggable creations.   Hany dyed mohair can make them even more special and personal  : )  Hand dyed mohair has a beautiful 3d effect, the mohair tends to come out lighter that its backing and gives a lovely textured effect and adds a soft sheen.

Fur is 12mm in length with strong non-stretch backing perfect for making all those cute minature creations. 

Available in tones of pink,  lavender, purple wine, pale honey, chocolate brown, sky blue, or summer green

Delivery will be within 4 days (allowing for air drying - and weather )  Please note that dyeing the mohair can cause a very slight shrinkage to the backing fabric


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Natural White Mohair 12mm - Fat 1/16 metre Natural White Mohair 12mm - Fat 1/16 metre
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