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My Bears ~

All my softies are made with lots of love and care.   Whether you are adopting a one-of-a-kind bear or have chosen to have one of my pattern characters ready-made you can rest assured that they are always given my best attention.   I love my huggables and hope you will too : )

Animal Friendly coats ~

I never use real leather or suedes in any of my products..  Mohair and faux furs/suedes are used to create my bears and their chums .   

Mohair, traditionally used in teddy bear making comes from Angora goats.   This is treated like sheep's wool, sheared and carded for knitting garments, or woven onto a firm backing and used in teddy  bear making. 

Patterns and Kits ~

I create all patterns and kits myself.   As they are available for download too, I deliberately set all pattern pieces to fit on standard A4 sized paper.  This helps when printing out your download avoiding the chore of matching and lining up sheets.

Every pattern and kit comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet - I can certainly ramble !    

Supplies, joints and fabrics ~

The mohair fur I sell is hand dyed to order.   If you have a particular colour request, this is certainly possible (within reason  : ))    

Fabrics are sold in Fat 1/16th metres to suit my patterns.   I do not have the space (yet) to keep an extensive stock but my aim is that you are able to purchase fabric, eyes, joints etc that you need when you purchase one of my patterns.  We are all about making life easier, and simpler if possible  : ))