Free downloads - help sheets


My "crib" sheets are available to download in pdf format - or print directly from your tablet or pc.   Hope they help x

Download help:  Open the pdf file and right-click the pdf to save it to your tablet or pc.



SIMPLE THREAD JOINTING TUTORIAL  (joints head and limbs)

Cotter pin and plastic joints are fine for teds and other softies, but sometimes it's nice to make your bear (or other) especially soft and huggable.   Thread jointing is perfect for little ones and no joints for the maker to tackle  : )   Really good for cloth dolls too.


Thread Jointing - downloadable tutorial

Easy thread jointing  - try this alternative to fitting joints.   


Nice and simple tote pattern with padded shoulder strap and apron-style pocket.  

free shoulder tote bag sewing pattern

Download Full instructions and pattern sheet (FREE)

Open the pdf file and right-click to download it on your pc or tablet.



A useful pattern for these times !    Easy to make - two sizes and different variations.


Sew a fabric mask

 Download Full instructions and pattern sheet (FREE)



My help sheet with basic instructions  - ideal for beginners.  Need help working out how to fit safety joint or eyes, or basic stitches - this should help.  Download using the link or pic below x

Help fitting eyes/joints and stitches


Download my Basic help sheet  - good starting point for beginners 


RESIZING YOUR SOFTIE'S PATTERN (to make your ted larger or smaller )

Sometimes you may want or need to resize a pattern.   This is very easy to do with digital pdf files .

The links below take you to the pdf which you can download or save for future use.   You can use this same system with printed patterns  if you are able to scan them first x 

Resizing patterns

Download the pdf instructions to resize here