Almost wild ones (digital)

Soft toy wildlife animal sewing patterns digital PDF

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Squirt soft toy squirrel digital sewing pattern PDF


Digital sewing pattern PDF


can be shipped within 1 days

Biddy,digital rabbit pattern

Digital sewing pattern for mini rabbit


Privet Pattern (download)

A non-prickly hedgehog pattern waiting for your love : )

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Fritz Frog digital soft toy sewing pattern

Fritz frog

Digital sewing pattern


can be shipped within 1 days

Moley Download

Moley sewing pattern download. 


Oswald Owl Download

Oswald Owl sewing pattern download. 


Chirrup Chick, digital sewing pattern

A cute little chick to stitch (digital version)


Foxy Download

Fox sewing pattern download. 


Cedar horse download

 Fabric Horse pattern (download)


Priscilla Piggles digital soft toy piglet sewing pattern

Ms Priscilla Priggles Digital pattern


can be shipped within 1 days