Download information/help

Download information/help



Download and get stitching straight away (no excuses anymore  : )


You will receive an email link after purchase taking you to your download.  

Instructions are in pdf format (there is a free link below if you do not have a pdf reader)  


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Printing out pattern sheets:   

  • You will obviously need to print out your pattern sheets.     All sheets print to standard A4 sized printer paper (no joining or cellotape needed  : )       Most sheets need Portrait orientation, a few are better in landscape.   See the printing instructions on the sheet.     See image below  : )
  • If you have problems with the size of the printed pattern sheets, a size guide is included so that you can check that printed pieces are the correct size.    
  • If the size is not correct, check that your printer is printing out to "full page"   or has  "resized to page" and that you have chosen A4 as the size.


Printing out instructions :

You may find printing out the instructions easier to use if, like me, you like to work away from your screen now and then  !       You can print the complete pdf out if you wish.     The first page may need to be printed on "landscape" rotation.  If you are having a problem with this, check your printer will allow you to choose "auto - rotation" when you print. This will solve the problem.   

orientation - auto    

Alternatively, if your printer does not have an option to auto-rotate, you can choose certain pages to print .  In this case,  use this option and print out the first page separately  in Landscape,  the remainder can all be printed in Portrait.


landscape printing