Privacy policy


As of  25th May 2018 the way your data is collected and handled online will be changing.   I am therefore changing our Privacy Policy to reflect this.    Will work through the new sections one by one  - bear with me !!

  1.     Awareness:   I myself deal with the day to day processing of orders and invoicing.    With me, my sons work in packing and printing out our patterns and are not responsible for working with any of our customer's data.
  2.      Information we hold:      We do not sell or pass on any of our customer's information to outside organisations, nor do we buy in lists.  All our information is supplied to pcbangles by our customers.  As such, we are not aware of any inaccurate data given.
  3.     Communicating privacy information :   Our invoices and receipts include our full postal address, telephone number, email and website address.    These are also given on our website
  4.     Why we hold data:      In order to fulfill postal orders, we need to have your address.  This is only ever used for posting your order.    The Royal Mail will use the data to process delivery  -  please contact RM for details of their data policy.    We do use customer's email addresses to forward details of their purchase from our own website and confirm receipt of orders.   I, soley, deal with emails and never add these to my laptops "contacts".     All orders processed are stored in printed form and deleted from computer at the end of that tax year in April.    
  5.     Length of time data is held:     For tax purposes, we hold all order information for 5 years.   This is a requirement from HMRC.   This information, as stated above, is never sold, passed on or used by ourselves at all.  All is filed away.
  6.    Your Rights and Access Requests     New in the this policy are requests for information on data held.    Customers can ask to be advised what data is being held.    This can be provided within 30 days, by email or post (if preferred).    This will be in pdf format or printed depending upon the choice.   The only personal information we may have would be email and postal address.   We do not hold any payment details and only order details within the last 5 years.  Information will be deleted upon request
  7.    Lawful basis for processing personal data:      We need your name and postal address in order to fulfill orders placed.    These are not then used in any way, but stored as explained in No 5 for possible tax purposes.        We willl need your email address in order to contact you with details of your order - this is not held once the order is completed.      We send out occasional email updates on products/newsletters for which we need to be provided with an email address.   These updates/newsletters are never send out unless expressly requested through email, or website and will always have a link should to unsubscribe.   We only use email, never postal addresses.
  8.    Consent:      By signing up to our newsletter you are consenting to receive updates by email.   We only need your email address for this will delete any email addresses once unsubscribed.    Consent has to be given by signing up using the form on our website, or request by email.     
  9.   Children:      Customers will know that our payments are conducted via Paypal checkout.    Paypal have a strict  18years+ policy which will prevent minors purchasing our products.  My ooak characters are always listed as either child-friendly or unsuitable for younger children.
  10.  Data Breach:    Using one computer for office/business work with password protection, antivirus/malaware progs and firewall.  As explained above, we only keep order information (no payment/bank details) on computer hard drive until the end of the tax year.     All records are stored in printed form.   Should we believe there has been a data breach, we will of course inform relevant parties and UK ICO
  11.   Data Protection officer     Registered as Sole Trader, this will be.  Angela Jardine
  12.    International:    pcbangles is based only in the UK.   We do not operate from overseas headquarters.

That's it !   Now the remainder   ................



Cookies are used by web sites to store details of your visit for web statistics (ie how many visitors in a day)   They are not spyware and your personal information is not collected.    You can block cookies using the tool menu in your browser, or set your browser to notify you when a cookies is being placed.   This will vary depending upon which browser you use.   Cookies can actually be useful to you as they can remember your preferences on a site, so do consider blocking them on some sites, but keeping them on others.


Information we collect (with your permission, of course)

if you sign up to receive our newsletters, we will retain your email address (your name is optional).  We do not collect   your address or any other personal information.  We do not sell, trade of pass on your email address to any other third party.  

 If you wish to unsubscribe, your email address will be removed from our records and deleted.



Personal and banking details

Paypal  are our payment providers and they will access your billing and payment information. You will be taken to their own secure site to make payment and we ourselves do not collect any banking details here at all.   Please refer to their own website for their own privacy policies.        


Linking to Facebook 

Facebook uses cookies to create your own individual space and include advertisements relevant to your web browsing.  Please see their statement here