Fabric art dolls

Fabric art dolls

gallery_henriCharacter Dolls.    All "one off" and lovingly created.   My dolls are fabric sculptures and not intended for children.   

I like to treat their faces as a canvas and after needle sculpting their features, I hand paint their face, then add a protective matt coat to seal in place.

They are unique characters and vary from large 14 inch dolls, like Henri (left) to smaller, delicate characters.

If you would like to see more of my dolls, please visit their my doll's portrait page here




commissioned plague doctor doll

ADOPTED:    Curious Plague Doctor commissioned.   Features gold eyes, otherwise kep to original design.

commissioned plague doctor art doll

ADOPTED:    This doll was commissioned with white leather mask and red eyes, from a design by Jodie x


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Pickle colourful clown - custom made looking for a home


Colourful clown


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