I'm gradually "growing" my range of kits.   They are divided below between, felt, fabrics and fur kits.    If you want one of my patterns made up into a kit, do get in touch as I am always happy to help if possible..    

Happy Sewing  : )



felt kits

pcbangles felt soft toy sewing kits

  • Felt kits
  • Easy to sew
  • Perfect for beginners

See all our felt kits


fabric kits


pcbangles fabric soft toy sewing kits

  • Fabric kits
  • Suedes and cottons

Fabric and faux suede sewing kits


Mohair and fur kits


pcbangles mohair and faux fur kits

  • Traditional Mohair kits
  • Faux fur kits

Mohair and faux fur sewing kits


Cloth doll kits

cloth doll sewing kits

  • Cloth doll kits
  • Needle sculpted and jointed

Cloth doll kits here