Chosen your pattern and ready to stitch ?

We now have a small selection of joints, eyes and mohair stocked.  Perfect sizes for my most popular patterns.   Do take a peek : )  

The mohair I supply is hand dyed and each piece is "one off", perfect to create your own very special character. 


Joints - cotterpin and safety

  • Traditonal Cotter Pin Joints
  • Plastic Safety Joints
  • Jointing Thread

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Eyes and noses

Eyes and noses, glass and plastic


  • Traditional glass eyes
  • Plastic safety eyes (a must for children's toys)
  • Safety noses (rubber and plastic)

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Felts - rectangles for footpads and softies



  • Acrylic felt  (non-allergenic)
  • Selection of colours

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Furs, mohair and plush

  • Mohair furs - perfect for our patterns
  • Hand-dyed mohair (dyed to order)
  • Soft plush faux fur for soft toys
  • All animal friendly

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Extra goodies and tools

extra goodies and tools

  • Colouring pencils
  • Felting and doll needles
  • Jointing thread

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