Abigail elephant (custom made)

Abigail elephant (custom made)

Posted within 14 - 21 working day

£42.99 / unit(s)

My elephants are made in a soft faux suede.    Available in elephanty gray or cream.   They have a jointed head with floppy arms and legs sewn securely to the body.     This is a seated elephant, sitting 7 " (18 cm) high.   Your elephant will have a bow around her head (but with this removed, will make a male elephant : )

Her features are all embroidered and with safety joint fitted, she is suitable to befriend younger children.

Your elephant will carry an id tag confirming their name (which you can choose if you wish),, date of birth and commissioned by ....

* Height 7 inches  (18 cm)

* Child friendly

* Faux suede (we never use real furs)

* All features embroidered

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for your elephant to be ready to travel.