Biddy, rabbit pattern

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Biddy is one of my own patterns and stands just 4 inches tall when made.

She has long floppy ears and is five way jointed with thread jointed arms and cotter pins joints to neck and legs.

Her pattern includes complete instructions to help you make your  own rabbit and should be suitable for any sewing ability.   She can be completely hand sewn.

Biddy has glass or bead eyes and embroidered "eye lids".  Her pattern also includes instructions to make her simple skirt.

She can be made in any soft fabric.   I've used a mini cord, but she loves to be made in a short plush, mohair or other short pile fur.   Being small, 1/8 metre of fabric is more than ample to make Biddy.   A full list is included on the tab below.



Product Note Status Price
Black Glass Eyes (4mm) Black Glass Eyes (4mm)
(Size: 4mm)
£0.80 / pair(s)
Cotter Pin Joints (12 mm) Cotter Pin Joints (12 mm)
(Size: 12mm)
£0.40 / pair(s)
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