Bruce Bear faux suede sewing kit

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Bruce is a cute, care-worn bear.  He stands just  4 inches tall when completed  (10cm).   His kit has complete instructions in tutorial style and include a lovely soft pale pink faux suede fabric, glass eyes, cotter pin joints, felt, nose and toes embroidery thread.  Bruce can also be made child-friendly and I've included instructions 

Kit includes:

  • Faux suede in pink
  • glass yes  *
  • Cotter pin joints *
  • Strong thread for jointing arms
  • Embroidery thread
  • Felt for footpads

You do need to add a small amount of stuffing, needle and thread.

** To make sure your bear is suitable for younger children, please do not use the glass eyes/cotter pin joints.   there is enough strong thread to completely thread joint your bear in this case : )


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