Esther Ostrich digital download sewing pattern

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Esther stands 7 inches tall when made (although she really prefers to sit).      She is best made in a thick, dense fur (contrasting tips will make the most of her scissor sculpted face)

Her pattern includes full step by step instructions taking you through cutting out to more advanced finishing touches.   Esther has beautiful eyes with deep eye lids and luscious lashes and her pattern includes some more advanced features with scissor sculpting to her face and a little needle felting on her eye lids.   A great project if you haven't tried these before and I've given easy to follow instructions with lots of photos to refer to if you need more assistancde.

This is the digital version with instructions and pattern sheet available in pdf format.   List of items used and possible suppliers included : )

Esther is the perfect pattern if you are looking for something a little different.   Hope you have great fun making her x

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