Figaro Mouse soft toy sewing pattern

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Figaro is a lovely character to stitch.  He stands just 5 inches tall (head and ears are almost as wide as he is high : )

He is best made in a short pile fur or plush.   Tail can be cord, or rolled fabric (instructions for both are included).     Figaro's pattern has easy to follow instructions with optional shading to his face.   All fully covered with pics  : )

A charming character, Figaro is great fun to make and I'd love to see some Figaros in my gallery  x




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Black Glass Eyes (6mm) Black Glass Eyes (6mm)
(Size: 6mm)
£0.80 / pair(s)
Cotter Pin Joints (18 mm) Cotter Pin Joints (18 mm)
(Size: 18mm)
£0.45 / pair(s)
Jointing Thread - 4 metres carded Jointing Thread - 4 metres carded
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