Friendly Hugs soft toy pattern pack. Jub Jubs baby doll and Oak elf sewing patterns

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This is a cute pack and both are totally child-friendly.      Jub Jubs is a soft, huggable baby cloth doll and Oak, a slightly gangly but friendly elf.

Both patterns have child-friendly safe options for you to use.   Jubs' pattern can easily be adapted to make either a boy or girl doll and includes some needle sculpting, instructions for a warm jacket and, most importantly, custom-made nappy : )

Oak is a cheery young elf with a big grin.  He can be made using scrap fabrics and felts.  Tuck his long legs up and he'll hug them : )

  • Completed heights:   Jub jubs is 10 inches from head to toe.    Oak stands 14 inches tall.
  • Both have child-friendly options
  • Fun to sew - and hug  : ))

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Jub Jubs cloth doll baby soft toy sewing pattern
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Oak elf cloth doll sewing pattern
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