Yellow 12mm mohair fur (hand dyed)

Yellow 12mm mohair fur (hand dyed)

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This is the mohair I love to use for my small teds.  It has a lovely soft, flexible backing making it suitable for both hand and machine sewing  (also very easy to pluck the fur strands away and create a smooth surface for shading features, or patches for ageing your bear). 

This is our own colour mix in a pretty pale yellow   - perfect for our smaller character patterns including Davis Mouse, Arnold bear, Megan-Lou and others  ....   You can see the mohair "in action" on the bear pictured : )

  • Hand dyed to order so please allow 2 - 3 days for delivery allowing us to  "dye and dry"  : )
  • 12mm sparse mohair 
  • Please allow for a little shrinkage (fat 1/16th will be 24cm x 34cm after dyeing). 

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