Cream hand dyed mohair 20mm fur

Cream hand dyed mohair 20mm fur



A beautifully soft 20mm sparse mohair fur.  We are hand dyeing to order in pink or cream.   This fur is perfect for a larger characters, Augustus, Abigail or Brambley-tum among others and sold in larger sized pieces  (48cm x 35cm, a little over fat 1/8th metre)     It is a sparse mohair, very easy to work with and has  a good curl making it look thicker  (without the problems of stitching a dense fur ....  I love it  : )

Do remember to give us 2 days for "dyeing and drying" your fur as these pieces are hand dyed to order.

  • 20mm sparse mohair fur
  • hand dyed Cream
  • 48cm x 35cm (approx 19" x 14")


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