Little Scots character doll in kilt and sporran. Fun and easy to sew

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A fun and cute little Scot to stitch.  Jimmy is based (very loosely) on my husband  : )   His pattern has full, tutorial style instructions with lots of pics and diagrams.   He is very easy to sew and should be suitable for all levels of stitching.  No joints required. Limbs are sewn to the body and left floppy.   I've been making a number of these of the Christmas break and now have a whole clan here of our own !

A great stash buster, but if you don't happen to have a small piece of fur for his beard, I've included a very respectable alternative using chunky wool : )

Part filled with rice or dried beans gives Jimmy a nice weighty feel and he loves to jump about, especially when filled with beans, kilt and limbs flying !

  • Completed height: 5 inches (13cm approx)
  • Step by step instructions
  • Full sized pattern sheets
  • Includes instructions for both doll and clothing
  • Perfect to use up any scrap fabrics
  • Easy to sew

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