Basic cloth doll making kit



I've set up a few basics for making cloth dolls.    These little kits include Fat Quarter of flesh coloured fabric with a good high thread count, perfect for needle sculpting, strong thread for jointing, chenille stems for a basic wired armature and a long doll needle to make jointing easier.      The fabric in the kit should actually be enough to make two dolls with careful pattern placing : )  Perfect for our Jacasta, Oberon or Rembrandt

Kits include all you need to make a basic doll * :

  • 100% Cotton flesh fabric 
  • Chenille stems for wiring
  • Strong jointing thread
  • Doll needle

If you have a preference for the skin tone of your doll, do let me know when ordering and we'll do our best to match.

Please note this kit does not include instructions for making the doll


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