Kloth fabric, bendy Egyptian Mummy sewing pattern

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'well, this one is a little bit of an oddity, but hope you'll like  : )     Kloth has only one pattern piece (so that his head can be stuffed)     He is based around a wired "skelton" making him bendy and fully poseable.    When completed he stands approx 20 cm (10 inches) tall.   Not a lot of sewing needed  (but a lot of wrapping : )

I've made a few of these now, one in tea-dyed cotton, one in pure white and a colourful mummy doll using up some of my stash (jellly rolls are perfect )

Full instructions with photos and soome gruesome facts (not for the feint-hearted : ))

Get the kid's wrapping and dabbing - they'll love these x

Please note that due to the wired make-up of this doll, they are unsuitable for younger children

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