Magnolia mini elephant (commission)

Posted within 14 - 21 working day


My little elephants are just 4 inches tall.   They are very cute and look their best made in a short, sparse mohair.   Dressed nor not, the choice is yours  : )  Their trunks are embroidered with trunk "wrinkles" and they usually carry a small flower.

They have glass eyes and hand shading to their face.   Inner ears can be either a pretty fabric or soft cashmere.   They are five way jointed with cotter pin neck and legs, thread jointed arms.

I will email to confirm receipt of your commission/payment and to find out how you want your little elephant to appear : )

Important:  please note these little elephants are one of a kind and those shown above are simply representative of this style and have all found homes.    I know you will appreciate that I cannot replicate these.  However you can be assured that your elephant will be unique and very special too : )