Cream hand dyed 12mm sparse mohair fur - dyed to order


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This is a lovely fur, perfect for those smaller ted and their chums hand dyed a soft cream colour.      This fur has a soft, flexible backing making it ideal for hand sewing or machines.    A 12mm sparse pile, means it will not swamp smaller characters and the pile is quite easy to pluck away if you want to hand shade  their features. You'll see I use this (a lot) for my smaller characters : )

 We hand dye this to order, so please allow 1 - 2 days for us to dye and dry your fur  : )

  • Sold in Fat 1/16th metre  (approx 35cm x 25cm) 
  • hand dyed soft cream
  • 12mm sparse fur
  • Dyed to order

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12mm mohair fur sparse
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