Alfie one of a kind mohair teddy bear. 12" dressed bear


~~~~~    ADOPTED  ~~~~~

Meet Alfie, one of may latest bears.  He is made in a sparse pale rose mohair fur giving him a slightly aged look.   Alfie stands 12 inches tall (30cm) and is five way traditionally cotter pin jointed with faux suede paws and inner ears.

He has a soulful expression with black glass eyes and cute sticky-out ears.   Alfie is dressed for warmth in baggy olive coloured trousers and a beige woollen top with pointed hood and tassle.   

I've part filled Alfie with soft-touch in his tum and heavy shot filling in his feet so that he can stand solidly  - and adds to his huggliness : )

Alfie is a one of a kind bear and will bring a signed photo id tag confirming his name, birthdate and special 1/1 status.