Sebastian one of a kind mohair bear

Sebastian one of a kind mohair bear


Sebastian is my latest ooak bear.  Standing 12 inches (30cm) tall,  he is made in a soft cream  mohair fur with faux suede footpads and inner ears.   Sebastian is traditionally five way jointed with black glass eyes.   

He has an ecclectic taste in clothing and wears a natty felt jacket with needle felted decoration and a matching hat with a nod to a flying hat style (we had to make room for his slightly "sticky-out" ears  : )  To

complete his outfit today, Sebastian is also wearing a colourful, loose fitting shirt and baggy striped trousers : )

I've weighted his feet and he will stand on his own, with encouragement  (does like to be a little lazy).    He is also has soft-touch filling in his tum, making him extra huggable. 

Sebastian brings a signed photo id tag confirming his date of birth, name and special status.   He also travels in his own custom made bag to keep him warm x

Hoping someone will be able to give this ted a home x 


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