Spencer Sloth Sewing pattern

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Spencer is 14 inches (34cm approx) tall.    He has a jointed head and floppy, thread jointed limbs.   His legs and arms can be bent so our laid-back sloth can hang out in your  garden or home : )

Spencer  loves to be made in the longest, shaggiest fur you can find.    His pattern includes easy to follow instructions taking your through all stages of making your own sloth.  Lots of tips and pics are included to help as you stitch, including tips on dealing with longer fur, thread jointing and hand painting his face.    

Our sloth can have either glass or safety eyes fitted (depending upon who he will be joining).  He has just the one joint at his neck and this too can be cotter pin, or safety jointed.    Instructions for both are also included   : )

Spencer is great fun to  stitch and I hope to see many sloths appearing in my customers gallery very soon : )  

Hope you have fun stitching your own super sloth x 



Product Note Status Price
Cotter Pin Joints (30 mm) Cotter Pin Joints (30 mm)
(Size: 30mm)
£0.45 / pair(s)
Black Glass Eyes (8mm) Black Glass Eyes (8mm)
(Size: 8mm)
£0.85 / pair(s)
Jointing Thread - 4 metres carded Jointing Thread - 4 metres carded
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