Switchy Witch soft toy Halloween sewing pattern

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This is a pattern to make a witch companion for Halloween (or any other gruesome event you have planned  : )      Switchy stands 40cm tall (16") when completed.    This is a fun character to make as she is a special witch (in fact two-in-one) showing two faces as she twirls. Make her with one friendly face, the other grumpy or angry  : )    Add a splash of colour with felt.  Try "gruesome green", "yucky yellow" or 'orrble orange !    

Her noses have simple needle sculpting (fully covered in my instructions) and her features are embroidered.    She can be hung or carried around with attached loop (optional, but handy if she joins you Trick 'n treating  : )    Her arms are thread jointed, head fixed and legs sewn into the body seam.

  • Completed height:   40cm
  • Embroidered features
  • Simple needle sculpting instructions
  • Thread jointed arms
  • Optional loop for hanging or easy carrying


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