Turnip cloth doll scarecrow sewing pattern. Indoor and outdoor versions

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With Turnip's pattern you can make two versions of our scarecrow.   One stuffed with straw (and straw for hair) to sit in our garden or make him with soft toy stuffing and wool hair for a huggable scarecrow : )

He stands 10 inches tall when completed  (approx 25cm).   His pattern includes making his birdy chum, Parsnip and a simple tutorial if you wish to hand shade his features (this is optional).    All Turnip's features are embroidered and he should be suitable for all skill levels to enjoy : )

I cannot guarantee that he'll keep birds away from your veg - in fact they often take the straw from him for their nests !

  • Embroidered features
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • lot of reference pics and photos
  • Full sized pattern sheets
  • Original pattern with two fun versions to make

Any questions, do get in touch

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