Wacky bear (custom made)

Wacky bear (custom made)

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These bears are full of character with large colourful noses and sculpted grins.  They are five way cotter pin jointed with cashmere tums and large sculpted paws.

Their mohair coats can be hand dyed - so practically any colour is possible !   As you will see from their pictures, the type of fur will alter the way your bear looks.

They are weighted in both body and feet with steel shot.    Eyes can be lidded, with an option of "real" eye lashes too  : )

I'll discuss your bear with you when I email, so let me know then what you are looking for, colour, lidded eyes etc  : )


Important:  please note my bears are one of a kind and the bears above are representative of this style.  They are all homed and I know you will appreciate that I cannot replicate a bear.  However you can be assured that your bear will be unique and very special too : )

*Due to the parts used, these bears are not suitable for young children, but happier in a collector's hug


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