Our world of unique, fun characters.   Sewing patterns, kits and ooak bears  - created with love and care for you to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting.  If you enjoy sewing, I hope you'll love our characters. From quirky to cute there is something for all.  If you are starting out, do take a peek at my tutorials.   

Angela  x



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~~~~~   Featured Products  ~~~~~

Some Easter sewing fun

Essie Chick - one of a kind mohair chick


mohair chick looking for a next

Still in stock
can be shipped within 1 days

Tilly Piggy soft toy piglet sewing pattern


cute piglet pattern

Posted within 1 working day

Billie Blue one of a kind mohair teddy bear


ooak mohair bear

Still in stock
can be shipped within 1 days

Hurdy Gurdy Rabbit digital sewing pattern PDF

Digital Rabbit sewing pattern


can be shipped within 1 days

Raggedy Rabbits Pattern (download)

Raggedy Rabbits - soft toy sewing pattern 


Sasha rabbit digital download sewing pattern

A gorgeous keepsake/collector's rabbit

Digital sewing pattern


can be shipped within 1 days

Yellow 12mm mohair fur (hand dyed)

Yellow 12mm mohair fur

Individually dyed to order

Posted within 2 - 3 working day

Biddy,digital rabbit pattern

Digital sewing pattern for mini rabbit


Bounce mini rabbit pattern download

Mini rabbit sewing pattern


Bumble Bear Download

Bumble Bear sewing pattern download. 

Normal price £4.99

Casper Clown, digital soft toy sewing pattern

Colourful clown pattern (digital)


Cauliflower Rabbit digital sewing pattern

Cauliflower Bunny Rabbit

Digital download


Chirrup Chick soft toy mohair sewing kit

Our cute Chirrup Chick in fluffy mohair

Still in stock
can be shipped within 4-5 days

Easter Bunny Downloadable pattern

A really pretty Easter Bunny 


Raggedy soft toy digital pattern bundle PDF (3)

Raggedy pattern pack PDF

Normal price £14.97

can be shipped within 1 days

Goody Rabbit - downloadable sewing pattern

Goody, felt rabbit pattern.  Perfect as a huggable or filled with treats for a gift