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If you are having a problem with one of our sewing patterns, or just need a little more information.  Try out our FAQ below.  If these do not help, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.
sewing machine fur and cloth doll
  • What if my download link has not arrived?
    In the unlikely event that you have not received an email with your link, please check first that it is not sitting in your junk or spam folder. If you do not find the link there, then please get in touch immediately and I'll arrange for a link to be sent by return. Email me here:
  • How do I print out my PDF pattern?
    All my patterns will print out on the following settings: Orientation: Portrait Paper size A4 You may also need to set your printer to "print to full page" or "resize to page" (this may vary depending upon the make of your printer. Most patterns will have a scale rule on the pattern sheet, so you can check that the correct size has been printed out.
  • Can I request an invoice for payment
    Yes, email us with your order number and we'll send an invoice out to you by email.
  • Where can I find tutorials
    You can find our tutorials here We also have "crib" sheets in pdf free to download here You can also get in touch with Angela below if you are stuck on one of our patterns : )
  • How easy are your patterns ?
    All my patterns are very much tutorial in style and I try to make them all suitable for beginners and experienced crafters. Experienced soft toy makers can probably skip a lot of my ramblings : )) There are also lots of reference photos showing the process as you go along. I also have a number of tutorials at the following link: Tutorials ( If all else fails, I am more than happy to help out
  • I think a page or part is missing ?
    Ugh! If you find any problem with your pattern, or kit, please do let us know immediately and we'll rectify.
  • Can I sell any items that I have made from your patterns?
    Yes, absolutely, we have no problem with that. We do ask that pcbangles gets a mention as designer on any literature but apart from that, we hope they do very well for you and that you might send on some pics so that we can feature them in the galleries.
  • Can I re-sell the patterns ?
    We are sure that you respect the work that goes into making the patterns and will understand that these remain the "intellectual" property of Angela Jardine. Re-selling, copying or re-writing of the patterns or kit instructions are not allowed, sorry.
  • How do I download a digital pattern I have purchased?
    An email with your download link(s) will be sent automatically once you have purchased at checkout. Do save the pdf file to a safe place and back up so that you have access to it in the future.
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