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cloth doll sewing pattern

Hannah Rose cloth doll sewing pattern


This pattern makes our adorable Hannah Rose doll with tutorial-style instructions and full sized pattern sheets.  

She is completely thread jointed, allowing your doll to move limbs and head, and keeping her soft to snuggle.  

A simple needle sculpt adds definition to her head and you have the option to either embroider or hand draw her features.

Includes full step by step instructions for both doll and clothing.

A lovely project for anyone wanting to dip their toes (or needle) into doll-makiing  : )


Fabric you will need (full list included with the pattern):

  • Main doll fabric  50cm x 50cm | 20" x 20" approx
  • 25g of double knit wool (or thicker) for hair
  • Fat Quarter cotton fabric for dress
  • Small contrast fabric for bodice (optional)
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